About Us


Education is the light of life; it is the backbone for individual, social, national and international progress. It is also a window to see the world. The History of economic growth concludes that there is not a single country which got progress and development without the advancement of education, information technology and research.  Therefore, education is indispensable for all and everywhere. Education is increasing rapidly now days. It is safe and easy to access from any corner of Nepal. So the rate of migration from hilly region and other parts of Nepal is very high. To fulfill the requirement of higher education, no any campuses were established. So Dibya Jyoti Multiple Campus (DJMC) was established to provide the quality education by the tireless efforts and endeavors of the social workers, academicians, administrators and the political leaders on 16th Marg, 2047 B.S. on the lap of religious place Daunne hill of Nawalparasi district, Nepal.

DJMC has crossed 31 summers and winters in its life cycle. The campus celebrated its own Silver Jubilee Year in 2072. Now it is one of the leading public campuses affiliated to Tribhuvan University and has taken academic pace demonstrating its highest possible positive performances.

The campus was started with academic program of proficiency certificate level in faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences in PCL from the academic year 2047 B.S. The campus developed into a multiple campus after it got affiliation to run classes of PCL in management 048 B.S. and Bachelor’s level in Humanities in the year 2054/55. The campus got the affiliation for academic program B.B.S.  in 2059/60 B.S. and B.ED. in 2061/62 B.S and B.B.A.  in 2077/78. It got affiliation to run M.B.S. program in 2064/65 B.S. and   M. ED. Programs in 2066/67 B.S. with specialization courses on EPM and Nepali   . Currently, there are six different programs running from Bachelor Degree to Master Degree level in Management, Humanities and Education faculty comprising more than 1200 students in total. Currently, it runs all the programs in morning shifts and day shift.